Compulsory Mental Health Treatment in Hong Kong: Which Way Forward ?


25 Aug, 2017 - 26 Aug, 2017


9:00 am to 6:00pm
9:00 am to 6:00pm


Large Moot Court, 2/F, Faculty of Law, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong



About the conference:


Mental Health Conference Poster - for academic

In HK, the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap136) has been the primary legislation tasked with the purpose of ensuring adequate mental health care as well as protecting patients’ rights. However, implementation of the Mental Health Ordinance has presented difficulties in practice, and variances in its implementation have sometimes led to legal dilemmas.

This two-day conference seeks to address some of these issues, beginning the process of developing a roadmap for reform. We will explore broad issues in compulsory mental health treatment from a comparative perspective, as well as how these issues manifest themselves in hospital and community mental health practice. The roundtable discussions will bring together the progress made across both days to put together suggestions for policy reform in Hong Kong.

The conference will be of interest to researchers, clinicians and legal practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical justifications for compulsory treatment, through a dynamic interaction with experts in mental health ethics and law from across the globe.

Speakers & Panelists:

Judge Mark Hinchliffe (Deputy President of the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal)

Professor Peter Bartlett (University of Nottingham)

Professor John Dawson (University of Otago)

Professor John McMillan (University of Otago)

Professor Carole Petersen (University of Hawaii)

Professor Lucy Frith (University of Liverpool)

Dr Eric Cheung (Kwong Wah Hospital)

Dr Bonnie Siu (Castle Peak Hospital)

Dr Eileena Chui (Queen Mary Hospital)

Professor Samson Tse  (The University of Hong Kong)

Dr Ng Siu Man (The University of Hong Kong)

Ms Daisy Cheung (The University of Hong Kong)

Conference fees:

For Public:

  1. Full registration: HKD$800 (HKD$400 per day)
  2. Early bird (register before 30 Jun): HKD$600

For staff of Hospital Authority / Department of Health:

  1. Full registration : HKD$600 (HKD$300 per day)
  2. Early bird (register before 30 Jun): HKD$400

For HKU staff/students and Invited Guests:  Free of Charge



CME accredited by Colleges of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine:


CPD accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong:

The allocated course nos. are as follows:

20173040 – the course to be held on 25 August 2017 (9:30-12:45).

20173041 – the course to be held on 25 August 2017 (14:00-17:30).

20173042 – the course to be held on 26 August 2017 (9:15-12:30).

20173043 – the course to be held on 26 August 2017 (14:00-17:30).


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Program Booklet, click here to download.

Presentation files:

Day 1

Presentation 1: Key ethical concepts for the justification of compulsory detention and treatment

Speaker: Prof John McMillan

Download PowerPoint

Presentation 2: The UNCRPD and Mental Health Law

Speaker: Professor Peter Bartlett

Download PowerPoint

Presentation 3: Unfinished Business: Reforming Hong Kong’s Mental Health Ordinance to Comply with International Norms

Speaker : Professor Carole Petersen

Download PowerPoint

Presentation 4: Mental Health Acts in the Commonwealth: Criteria and Powers

Speaker: Prof John Dawson

Download PowerPoint

Presentation 5: Constitutional perspectives on compulsory treatment in Hong Kong

Speaker: Ms Daisy Cheung

Download PowerPoint

Day 2
Keynote address : When should judges get involved, and when should patients be left to make their own decisions?

Speaker: Judge Mark Hinchliffe

Download PowerPoint


Presentation 2: Compulsory admission in England & Wales – use of the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended 2007

Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Fistein

Download PowerPoint

Presentation 3: Compulsory admission in Hong Kong: the balance between paternalism and patient liberty?

Speaker: Dr Bonnie Siu

Download Presentation

Presentation 4: The use of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) in the UK: Ethically justifiable?

Speaker: Dr Michael Dunn

Download Powerpoint

Presentation 5: Compulsory psychiatric treatment in the community in Hong Kong.

Speaker: Dr Eric Cheung

Download Powerpoint

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