Bioethical Reflections on COVID-19
Category : COVID-19
Date : 22 May, 2020

CMEL's members have joined various discussions on the issues in medical ethics and law arising from COVID-19, including events organized by colleagues in the field. They have also written on this subject. Click on the links below for more information.

  1. Article in Public Law – July 2020 issue

    "Hong Kong - the unprecedented promulgation of public health emergency regulations against the COVID-19 outbreak" 

    by Dr Eric C. Ip

    This commentary examines the unprecedented public health emergency regulations passed by Hong Kong in response to the COVID-19 pandemic under s.8 of the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap.599). It details the scope of the powers, their key features, such as a compulsory quarantine period for new arrivals, and the context in which they were made. And it reviews the constitutional principles available to prevent such measures from violating the rule of law.

    Full text accessible on Westlaw: Eric C. Ip, "Hong Kong - the unprecedented promulgation of public health emergency regulations against the COVID-19 outbreak" P.L. 2020, Jul, 580-582.

  2. Article in Cancer Causes & Control - 29 May 2020

    "Preparing for the coming transnational cancer crisis amid the COVID-19 pandemic"

    co-authored by Dr Eric C. Ip

    In this commentary, the authors call for preparation for a looming transnational cancer crisis triggered by extreme COVID-19 responses deployed around the world, as a matter of ethical and human rights urgency.

  3. Webinar: "APRU Global Health Working Group Webinar:  Bioethics and COVID-19" (Video | Slides) - 20 May 2020

    Dr Calvin Ho presented on "Mass Surveillance & Privacy". His presentation starts at 1:01:02 of the video.

    For an overview of the insights and takeaways from the various presentations in this cross-regional webinar, please click on the links below to feature articles on the event:

    "APRU Webinar on Bioethics and Covid-19 draws wide participation"

    "APRU Global Health Held an Insightful Webinar on Bioethics and COVID-19"

  4. Webinar: "Public Law Responses to COVID-19: Lessons (or Cautions) from Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong" (Video) - 15 May 2020 

    Dr Calvin Ho & Ms Daisy Cheung shared about Hong Kong's responses to COVID-19 from a public law perspective. Their sharing starts at 23:21 of the video.

  5. Webinar: "Social Distance, Social Response: Solutions and Strategies for Coping with COVID-19" (Video) - 13 May 2020

    Ms Daisy Cheung & Dr Eric C. Ip presented on "COVID-19 Lockdowns: A Public Mental Health Ethics Perspective". Their presentation starts at 1:16:57 of the video.

  6. Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) blog post - 6 May 2020

    "What are the obligations of the state? A public mental health ethics perspective on the Covid-19 lockdowns"

    by Ms Daisy Cheung & Dr Eric C. Ip

  7. Webinar: "State and Professional Autonomy: Conflicting Rights and Obligations in the State-Profession Relationship" (Video | Slides- 30 Apr 2020 

    In this webinar by Dr Calvin Ho & Ms Daisy Cheung, they presented on why professional autonomy of healthcare workers needs to be recognised and sustained, and how strike by health professions may be different and ethically justified. 

  8. Newspaper article (in Chinese) - 20 April 2020

    "Who should be saved when ICU capacity is outstripped by demand?"Ming Pao 
    "Putting in place guidelines for healthcare workers will reduce their litigation risk"Ming Pao 

    In an interview with Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, Ms Daisy Cheung shared her views on rationing intensive-care resources amid COVID-19.

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